Wednesday, October 03, 2007

some photos of auntie lillian's brithday


We did something different for cell this week... we watched a movie at Justin Ooi's church, World Harvest in Sunway.

The movie was titled "Facing the Giants". check it out

The movie is exactly as its title describes. It is an inspiring story of a strugging football coach and how he challenges his team to overcome adversity. The characters in the movie each battle their own demons to get through the toughest challenges in their lives, family struggles, betrayal, work place stress, lack of confidence, fear, insecurity, disappointment, illness, physical challenges.

Their struggles are very real and so is their fear. They want to do the right thing but are disappointed when they see no results. They want to break free from their circumstances, but are paralyzed by fear. The odds were stacked against them, but they finally decided to choose to look to God and put Him above all else. With that difficult decision, comes peace and release.

It was amazing to see them make the transition from failure to victory and fear to trust. I was truly blessed, uplifted, encouraged, challenged, touched, and inspired by this movie.

As the movie progresses, it just keeps getting better and better. The scriptwriter did a fantastic job with continually hitting us with good feelings on top of good feelings. God is praised throughout the movie and the action is fun to watch.

Four words for you.....GO SEE THE MOVIE!

see how energized we all felt after watching it

shannon's new house

We visited Shannon at her new house in Wangsa Maju

Met up with Lydia Lamit and Julian there too... good to see them again!

Shannon and her sister hueyuan are staying at the condo, it actually belongs to their parents.. it's a very nice place... wish i could show you how nice it is... the infinity pool in every block, hanging gardens, KLCC view, etc...

What's a great place without great food, huh? so sidney and justin decided to make some sandwiches for us.... yummy! behold the cook at work

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


GY camp committee brainstorming and reccee at Cameron...

We drove ALLL the way up the mountains...

We went UPWe went DOWN...

We almost FELL DOWN

Guess what we found?

Strawberries...Flowers... Bees...And nose-diggers... The weather was COLD,

The steamboat was HOT,

The company was COOL!

WATCH OUT for this year's GY camp theme;


D o

I t

E veryday!

Remember, DIE!

....more to come...

Sunday, September 16, 2007